Spelt is a type of wheat cultivated mainly before the rise of industrialization pushed it aside for more compatible varieties. Like other types of wheat, spelt has been a diet staple in many civilizations for thousands of years.

The health benefits of spelt have been well established. Unlike traditional wheat, which houses the most vital nutrients in the bran and the germ, spelt has a more nutritious inner kernel. This means that it can be milled and still produce a light and nutritious product. Spelt contains a higher amount of protein, fats, and fiber than wheat as well as carbohydrates that help the blood clot and stimulate the immune system.

Although spelt is similar to wheat, it does not respond the same when cooking. For instance, it does not do well in high temperatures and is not effective when boiled in soup or gravy. It does lend itself very well to bread recipes adapted for its specific properties.

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