FARRO/Emmer (Triticum Turgidum Dicoccum)

Farro, also known as emmer, is another ancient grain originating in the Fertile Crescent. Farro’s rich history shows its presence in the tombs of Egyptian royalty and it is reported to have fed the Roman legions. A staple in Italian food, farro is making a comeback among other cultures for its versatility, nutty earthiness and health benefits.

Farro has four times as much fiber as white rice and is full of minerals such as magnesium. The complex carbs in farro break down slowly, keeping energy level stable. It also contains cyanogenic glucosides, a carb reported to boost the immune system.

Consumers should look for pearled, or semi pearled farro as it has had part of the grain removed, making it easier to cook. Farro is often used instead of rice in side dishes and is a healthy addition to soups and stews. When cooked with milk and topped by honey, fruit or nuts, it is also a delicious breakfast option.

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