EINKORN (Triticum Monococcum L)

Einkorn is an ancient grain that is also considered the oldest variety of “wheat.” First grown 10,000 years ago in the fertile crescent of the Near East, it is the oldest recorded grain in biblical history. Einkorn was one of the first cereal grains widely cultivated for consumption.

Einkorn is a nutritional powerhouse, rich in beta carotene lutein. This potent antioxidant is more concentrated in einkorn than any other type of wheat. It also contains high levels of phosphorus, crude fat, protein and potassium. Although einkorn is still being researched regarding its gluten levels, those with Celiac disease are encouraged to avoid it.

Einkorn wheat berries can be used in pasta, flour and some bread mixes. Although einkorn flour is generally considered suitable for bread making, the resulting sticky dough is best for adapted recipes. Einkorn can also be substituted as a thickener in gravies and soups or boiled and added to pilafs and salads.

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