Have you ever wondered which is the best whip, whisk, or paddle to use for your recipes? Let's take a closer look at each tool and some examples of recipes to use them with.

Universal Plus Mixer


Wire Whips

Wire Whips (MUZ6DB3) Included with each Universal Plus Mixer. With 8 stainless steel tines, these are designed to mix or aerate light, pourable batters.

  • Ideal for whipping cream or softened butter, they can beat as little as one egg white into stiff peaks, yielding over a cup of meringue.
  • Mix frostings, cakes, or muffins. Due to triple whipping action (each whip spins as it rotates around the bowl), you may need to mix for less time than stated in recipes, to avoid over beating. For delicate batters, use the pulse switch to gently blend ingredients.
  • Mash up to 10 pounds of cooked potatoes or shred tender, cooked meats. To shred meat, place hot, freshly cooked chicken breasts or pieces of roast beef or pork in the bowl. Pulse a few times to break up the pieces, then mix until the desired consistency is reached, 15-30 seconds.
  • Not recommended for cookie dough or other stiff mixtures.
  • Use with plastic whip drive (included) or metal whip drive (sold separately).
Dough Hook

Dough Hook

Dough Hook (644457) Included with each Universal Plus Mixer. With heavy-duty arms designed to knead, stretch, and tuck the heaviest of doughs or to combine large, bulky mixtures.

  • Knead up to 15 pounds of whole grain bread dough
  • For extra large batches of cookies, up to 34 dozen. After creaming butter and sugar with cookie paddles, switch to dough hook to mix in flour, chocolate chips, etc.
  • Combine bulk batches of ground meat, cheese, vegetables, and seasonings for meat loaf or sausage
  • For small batches of bread (1-2 loaves), add the Dough Hook Extender, which fits below the dough hook, and is now included with most Bosch Mixers.

Batter Whisks

Batter Whisks (MUZ6NDB2) Sold Separately. With 6 metal tines, these are ideal for light to medium pourable batters or soft mixtures.

  • Incorporate less air and avoid over mixing for muffins, tender cakes, and quick breads
  • Mix pie or pastry dough. For best flaky texture, shred very cold butter into the bowl and mix briefly with whisks. Note: Large pieces of very cold butter may bend wires.
  • Use with plastic whip drive or metal whip drive (both sold separately).

Cookie Paddles

Cookie Paddles with Metal Whip Drive (MUZ6CP2 or MUZ6CP1) Sold Separately: Plastic paddles are designed for light to medium cookie doughs and batters.

  • Cream softened butter or cream cheese for cookies, cheese balls, and frostings. (Caution: pieces of hard butter may break paddles)
  • MUST be used with the metal whip driver only.
Bowl Scraper

Bowl Scraper

Bowl Scraper (MUZ6BS1) Sold Separately. For use with wire whips, batter whisks, cake paddles, or cookie paddles.

  • Snaps onto plastic or metal whip driver
  • Scrapes the inside of the bowl and its center column. No need to frequently stop the mixer and "scrape down" the bowl with a spatula.
  • Ideal for cookies, cakes, and frostings.

Bosch Compact Mixer

Beating Whisk

Beating Whisk

Beating Whisk (650543) Included with Bosch Compact Mixer. With 16 stainless steel tines for aerating egg whites or whipping cream.

Stirring Whisk

Stirring Whisk

Stirring Whisk (650542) Included with Bosch Compact Mixer: With 6 stainless steel tines for light pourable batters such as cakes, muffins, and quick breads. May also be used for mashing cooked potatoes.

Dough Hook

Dough Hook

Dough Hook (080060) Included with Bosch Compact Mixer. Stainless steel hook for medium to heavy mixtures such as cookies and bread dough.