I'm sure many of you read this title and thought 'duh!' But I didn't always feel this way, I had the impression that making bread would take all day and that it was super difficult. That was until this last weekend. I've worked here at L'Chef for 3 years and have heard how easy it was to make bread and how it doesn't really take that long. I believed everyone...well I wanted to believe them. In the back of my mind I still had doubt that I could actually do it.

I'm not a chef, I don't really bake or cook. My ideal meal is one that is purchased at a restaurant because my wife and I don't need to prepare it or clean up afterwards. However, this last weekend I decided I was going to try out the new Dough Hook Extender and try to make a small batch. (it is just my wife and two kids, ages 4 & 2, at home so we won't eat much bread). For me, this seemed less intimidating.

So Saturday afternoon I had the crazy idea to give this a try. I pulled out my mixer and started the process. I didn't have any whole wheat so I made White Bread. (Recipe at bottom of post) Luckily I had gotten through most of the process before my 4 year old decided to 'help.' (She got a portion of dough to play with, which as you can see was quickly ruined. However, she had a blast and it kept her entertained for an hour.)


I was surprised how easy it was. I put the ingredients in and let my mixer do the work. I actually walked away and finished watching the football game while it was kneading.


I at least own one bread pan, so I was able to make a loaf of bread as well as some rolls & bread sticks. (one of my co-workers put together an awesome recipe booklet that I was able to use to figure out different variations. Click here to check it out.

I made breadsticks (not pictured), rolls & a loaf of cinnamon bread. As a side note, I have had this cinnamon bread many times and each time I thought this would be the most difficult thing to make. I was shocked how easy it was to make...again, this is coming from a baking rookie.


Some of the rolls look pretty pathetic. *Tip: After you let them rise, don't let a 4 year old near them. She'll feel the need to push on every one of them.

If you can follow a recipe, you can bake bread. Who would have thought? In my opinion, this recipe booklet was a great help and gave me a confidence boost to try it again. Maybe next time I'll give the whole wheat bread recipe a shot...but maybe this time I'll wait until my kids are asleep.

Basic White Bread