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Grains are an essential component of a balanced diet. They have many proven health benefits when consumed in their whole form, and freshly milled flour has the greatest nutrient value. NutriMill Grain Mills provide the necessary tools to have fresh, whole grain flour at home. These grain mills are designed to mill a variety of grains and legumes opening up new possibilities for baked goods and meals. Flexibility is key as the mills give you control flour texture and efficiency.

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Flour that is milled fresh has the most nutrients present. Although convenient, store-bought flour lacks the nutrients and fresh taste of its freshly milled counterpart.


  • When the husk of a grain is broken the previously protected inner parts are immediately subject to
  • sunlight, air and environment. Due to constant exposure, the grain will begin to lose nutrients at a rapid rate.
  • Products of industrialized milling processes, such as high temperatures, eliminate some of the grain’s nutrients.

Not only is freshly milled flour packed with more nutrients, it is better tasting. You will taste a difference in baked goods and foods using freshly milled grains.

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There are hundreds of grains available to consumers each with their own formula of nutrients and benefits. With the NutriMill Grain Mills you can be confident you are getting the freshest flour even from the toughest of grains.


  • NutriMill provides a variety of mills designed to handle particular milling tasks. Certain mills are capable of grinding all non-oily and non-starchy grains and legumes, such as wheat, barley, rice, and millet. However, oily foods such as nuts or coffee should use the NutriMill Seed Mill.
  • Grain mills can also mill grains or legumes that are gluten free offering variety for those who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Some gluten-free grains and legumes include buckwheat, millet, black beans, and soybeans.

Although a primary function of the grain mills is to produce flour from grains, there are a variety of other uses as well.

  • Grinding beans for homemade refried beans.
  • Preparing peas for split pea soup.
  • Milling corn for corn bread or tortillas.
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Integrated features of the grain mills’ design give flexibility to the milling process. Specifically, unique controls and capacities allow you to be as efficient as you need with your milling.


  • Precise texture controls allow grains or legumes to be milled from very fine to coarse flour.
  • Mills are designed with variable speeds controls which permit efficient milling time. The NutriMill Classic can grind 20 cups of grains in under 5 minutes.
  • The grain mills deposit the flour into large capacity bowls able to handle hefty quantities of milled grains.

Milling processes and time rob flour from its nutrients and fresh taste. In order to get all the health benefits of whole grain flour it must be fresh. NutriMill Grain Mills give you the power and flexibility to mill a diverse amount of grains and legumes from home adding variety to meals and baked goods. Unique features give you control and flexibility over texture, time, and efficiency.

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