Since the 1950s, BOSCH Mixers have demonstrated unsurpassed craftsmanship. BOSCH provides any kitchen connoisseur the performance needed for the heaviest or lightest kitchen tasks. Built with quality in mind, these mixers last years of repeated use before they need to be repaired or replaced. Also, once turned on, these mixers reliably deliver a consistent product every time.

Each mixer in the BOSCH line is capable of performing any task at hand with specific features unique to the mixers.

  • Easily interchangeable attachments such as citrus juicer, dough hook, wire whips and slicer shredder turn these mixers into universal kitchen machines.
  • Powerful motors and easy speed controls offer more or less torque for any mixing duty.
  • Unique belt drive delivers quieter mixing compared to gears.
  • Designed with dual-rotating heads for consistent mixing.
  • High capacity bowls allow for efficient mixing of large batters, dough and food processing.


Features give the capability of performance but actually executing what is promised is another matter entirely. BOSCH Mixers actually live up to promised expectations.

  • Capable of kneading the dough for better gluten development. It is easier and faster than by hand.
  • Motors have the strength to mix up to 14 lbs of dough without stalling.
  • Whips egg whites or delicate batters in seconds.

Performance is vital in a kitchen machine to completely mix, whip, or slice with efficiency. BOSCH Mixers are designed with the unique features to give a quality performance.


Over time, mixer repairs and replacements get expensive, which is why buying quality is so important. Throughout its history, BOSCH is always dedicated to the standard of quality. All mixers are designed and crafted with durable materials.

Quality starts with the design and materials. Since 1952, when the first BOSCH Mixer rolled into the market there have been countless design and engineering improvements delivering the mixers we have today.

Well combined mixtures and continuing to turning on after years of use are the characteristics of a reliable kitchen machine. Likewise, BOSCH has designed their machines to be reliable from the opening of the box to the last turn of the motor.


  • Mixers have an extremely long life span lasting for years. At times these mixers will be passed on through families.
  • Delivers consistent products. The batters and dough are thoroughly mixed and kneaded. Also, foods being sliced or shredded are uniformly sized.
  • The BOSCH Universal Plus features three-year motor and transmission warranty giving owners piece of mind.

BOSCH Mixers have always outshone the competition. Strong motors and features allow the mixers to perform different kitchen tasks from kneading to slicing. Quality materials and engineering allow these mixers to last years without being replaced. Also, BOSCH Mixers deliver product and lasting performance after years of use.

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