Fast food menus claim to be cheap, but what you may not realize is how much you could save by simply replacing one fast food meal a week with a homemade one. Not only will it save you money, these homemade alternatives are lower in calories and higher in nutrients.

A fast food meal costs around $5-$7, but a homemade meal averages only $1-$3 per person. That's a 40%-79% savings per person!

The savings are not limited to dining out, but can expand to the grocery store, too. On average, a good loaf of bread runs just over $4. However, a loaf of bread made from scratch is only 93 cents. Magnify that savings to your other bread products, such as dinner rolls or buns, and it really adds up.

Source: Daily Finance
Fast food vs. homemade



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Source: ABC News 7, Los Angeles

A Great Investment With an Immediate Return

Saving money never tasted so good! Using one of our basic bread recipes and spending less than 1 hour per week, you can create dozens of recipe variations such as bread, pizzas, buns, and sweet rolls. You can easily save more than $200 per month -- enough to pay for your Bosch mixer and grain mill in less than 4 months!

Make your own groceries or buy your groceries ready-made...


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