Top 10 Healthy Snacks

People have differing ideas of what constitutes healthy eating. There are more studies, trends and ideas on this topic than a person could possibly keep track of. With the goal of promoting good health, we’ve compiled some suggestions for healthy snacks you can turn to when you are sitting [...]

How to Make Yogurt with the L’Equip FilterPro Dehydrator

Each time you make yogurt you will need starter yogurt that has been made with active live cultures.
(Buy a small container of plain yogurt at the grocery store and make sure it says “Made with Live Cultures.'')
You can also use your own starter, but over time, it [...]

Homemade Matters Recipe Booklet

Download our free recipe booklet for the Bosch Mixer here.

Replace 12 Kitchen Tools with a Bamix

The Bamix hand-held food processor packs power and versatility into a small package!  Here's a list of 12 common kitchen tools it can replace.

The Great Grain Robbery

Still wondering WHY to grind your own flour? This infographic helps explain it visually. Once you embrace the why, the HOW is oh-so-easy with any of our NutriMill Grain Mills!

Click to view the full infographic or download the PDF.

Free Printable: Bread Loaf Wrap and Recipe Card

Homemade gifts are fun and easy, especially with our free printable!

Make some delicious whole wheat bread or pumpkin bread with your Bosch Mixer and let it cool completely.
Download and cut out the free printable.
Wrap a piece of parchment paper, decorative paper, or fabric around your loaf, and [...]

Make Ahead Dinner Rolls for the Holidays

For the perfect holiday dinner rolls, look no further than your favorite bread recipe.  With a few quick adjustments, you can make your everyday bread look and taste just a little more special than usual, and you can freeze them ahead of time to save time on the big [...]

The Most Common Chemicals You Eat Every Day

Most of us go about our busy lives, grabbing food on the go without thinking much about what's in it. We mistakenly assume because it's sold on a shelf, it's regulated with healthy and consumable ingredients. In reality, you may be surprised at what kinds of additives and chemicals [...]

Good Foods You Can Buy At The Grocery Store

More and more people are becoming aware of the numerous health benefits associated with homemade food. Nutritional experts encourage us to get the most out of our food by personally preparing it with only the necessary ingredients. This bypasses the harmful preservatives, additives and dyes present in most processed [...]

Homemade Food vs. Processed Food – Infographic

Do you know what's in the food you eat? Unfortunately, you may be surprised! At NutriMill BOSCH we are always looking for ways to help you live a more healthy, complete life, and one of those ways is by helping you eat fresh, homemade food. Sadly, with the amount [...]