Item: #306150 - Gray
UPC: 636702306159

Centrifugal-type juicer
Automatic pulp ejection
Stainless steel bowl and blade basket
BPA-free plastics
10,000 RPM
480 watts, 4 Amp motor
11.5" high
Heavy-duty motor for high efficiency

Weight: 11 lbs
Box: 14 x 9 x 12"

10 Years on Motor and Latch Arms
3 Years on Blade Basket
1 Year on other parts

XL-Mini Juicers
Owner's Manual
Replacement Parts List
Please Note: Bosch Kitchen Centers does not sell L'Equip replacement parts. These are available from participating retailers, which you can find via our Store Locator.
Parts prices and availability vary by individual Retailer.

Where can I find parts for the L'Equip Model #221 Juicer?
There are no parts available. When the original L'EQUIP Company of Harrisburg, PA, ceased business several years ago, production of the 221 ended.
L'Chef, aka Bosch Kitchen Centers, purchased the rights to the L'EQUIP name, not the company itself.
All 221 juicers are long since out of warranty. None of our Retailers have parts for it.
None of the parts for the Mini juicer or XL juicer are compatible with the 221 model.